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Tullycraft 'Lost In Light Rotation'

Tullycraft 'Lost In Light Rotation'

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The new album by US indiepop legends Tullycraft, ‘Lost in Light Rotation’, is their record since 2007’s ‘Every Scene Needs A Center’.

Produced by the band themselves and engineered by Pete Remine, it also holds the distinction of being mixed by Phil Ek (The Shins, Band of Horses, Built to Spill, The Halo Benders, The Shout Out Louds, Fleet Foxes, The Walkmen).

The album benefits from Ek’s experience ironing out the quirks to create a wonderfully polished, yet still as punk as ever, sheen on the 11 delightfully upbeat, smart, indiepop anthems.

1. Agincourt 
2. Queenie Co. 
3. Lost In Light Rotation 
4. Westchester Turnabouts 
5. From Wichita With Love 
6. Elks Lodge Riot 
7. No Tic, All Tac 
8. Dig Up The Graves 
9. Wake Up, Wake Up 
10. We Knew Your Name Until Your Heart Stopped 
11. Anacortes 

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