Jingdezhen Traditional Chinese Floral Trees Nature Ceramic Vase Accent

Jingdezhen Traditional Chinese Floral Trees Nature Ceramic Vase Accent

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Brand: XUZOU

Color: White


  • Use Jingdezhen quality kaolin as raw material.Hand-drawn embryo providing a unique look for every piece.That's the charm of handmade.
  • Hand-painted products reflect the traditional Chinese arts and crafts. These patterns are drawn out by the folk artists.Each line is full with a fusion of Eastern culture
  • Qing Dynasty Style Porcelain , the whole body use white glaze , the vase abdomen is outlined a fresh and refined plum blossom and bamboo pattern.Simple and generous pastel pattern presents a graceful style.
  • Every vase will be wrapped carefully so it will arrive perfectly safe and unharmed.You do not need to worry about recieving a broken vase.
  • This is also the unique and best gift item for any occasions like Birthday, Father's day, Mother's day, Teacher Day, Christmas etc.

Details: About JingMei Culture Porcelain

Jing Mei Culture porcelain is a unique heritage, innovation and promotion of the traditional handicraft porcelain in Jingdezhen. It is the only luxury brand in China which is made entirely by hands.

Jing Mei Culture porcelain selected high whiteness on the left will dry material, the Royal Queen and 7501 Yuan Ming and Qing Mao porcelain formula; type and carving, all made of traditional handmade; inheritance and innovation, auspicious and elegant picture, unique in patterns, flowers, landscapes and figures are excellent at one time, pure hand-painted.

Jing Mei Culture porcelain unique, created in the exquisite, half a knife, mud carved in exquisite, the artistic conception melts, endless charm, has always represented the highest level of technology in the industry.

Jing Mei Culture porcelain all fired with high temperature above 1350 degrees. Use only the color and glaze glaze techniques, adhere to the concept of environmental health, adhere to the zero tolerance of the product quality defects, Dagufa 72 processes, which really shows the white jade, as bright as a mirror, Bo Ruzhi, such as the sound of sweet, pure color and comparable to the Yuan Ming and Qing Dynasties, each one is limited private fine goods, and the highest quality has become the industry benchmark.

Jing Mei Culture porcelain with high-end gifts, health, appreciation and collection of three-in-one composite values, every limited private boutique is the combination of non genetic order of thought and brilliance of sweat.

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