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Suncatcher Freestanding Kaleidoscope Handcrafted

Suncatcher Freestanding Kaleidoscope Handcrafted

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Color for your sunny windowsill!

This freestanding suncatcher measures 11 inches high, 6 inches wide, and 2 inches deep.

The beautiful artist-made sea glass is loosely trapped between two plates of thick glass.

When the sun shines through the glass you are treated to a kaleidoscope of colour!

The well crafted cedar wood box frame has been treated with an exceptional tung nut oil finish.

● completely handcrafted
● exceptional materials and design
● western red cedar treated with a superior tung nut oil finish
● made in North America by an artist with over 20 years of design experience
● signed by the artist
● free fast expert shipping to the USA and Canada
● satisfaction is guaranteed

© Coast Chimes

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