Stuffed Blank Unicorn Doll Body

Stuffed Blank Unicorn Doll Body

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Unicorn Doll Body for crafting

Handmade Blank Unicorn Doll

Dolls can by use for -

Personalize your creative design
Signature graduation doll
Keepsake doll
Children to play with


Fabric Unicorn doll is made in unbleached calico natural fabric and it is filled with hypo-allergenic polyester fiberfill. Mane is made with the same material.

These pre-made dolls are perfect if you don't want or haven't got the time to make your own dolls but would love to be able to do your own creativity by adding hair, clothes, hats or even use as a signature graduation doll.

These fabric dolls are completely hand made from my own pattern. They stand 16" or 40 cm.

Her arms and legs are movable so she can be in the sitting position as well as standing.


Stands 16" or 40 cm. Tall

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