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Shuttlecraft Goddard from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Shuttlecraft Goddard from Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Made by Playmates in 1992, the Star Trek: Next Generation Shuttlecraft Goddard comes mint in box. This 11 1/2-inch vehicle carries 4 1/2-inch Star Trek figures (figures not included). The front opening hatch reveals a seat for the pilot. The rear cargo hatch opens to an included cargo pallet and extra crew. The shuttle rolls on wheels and has flashing lights in the warp engines. The sounds the vehicle plays include a phaser noise and impulse engine noises. The box includes blueprints, instructions, and a decal sheet.

This item is new in a very nice box with minor flaws that has been unsealed and resealed. The very old batteries that were leaking have been replaced with fresh batteries so that it works perfectly. The vehicle inside has never been unwrapped.



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