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Sandcraft Ultimate Fill & Drain Plug Kit

Sandcraft Ultimate Fill & Drain Plug Kit

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***THE KIT CONTAINS ALL 5 PLUGS***Allow us to introduce another creative solution to keep your machine running longer !The drain plugs on your machine are so important to keep contamination out of your bearings, gears and seals. The stock drain plug has a very low magnetic power. These are located on your front diff, rear transmission, as well as your engine oil pan. In Order to keep your machine runner longer without the possibility of contamination you need more magnetic power.These upgraded drain plugs are made of stainless steel, with the most powerful magnet available. We have not only upgraded the drain plugs but the fill plugs as well to maximize your protection. Our new design has a positive outreach bolt design to help make the removal even easier to get into those tight areas. With this drain plug kit it covers your machine better than anything else available on the market.If you know about the leading cause of gear and bearing failures in your engine or gearbox than you know this is a no brainer. Get your machine upgraded and drive with confidence!***THE KIT CONTAINS ALL 5 PLUGS***

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