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Sandcraft RZR 1000/1000s/900s (ONLY) Racer Driveline Collar

Sandcraft RZR 1000/1000s/900s (ONLY) Racer Driveline Collar

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Our Patent Pending Racer Driveline Collar was designed for the extreme off-road riding conditions. With the stock driveline your vehicle is using a slip yoke at the rear transmission output shaft. The motor is rubber mounted which is loading the driveline while under aggressive driving conditions. ŒThe driveline is designed with a pressed fit bearing onto the stock carrier bearing shaft. In extreme conditions it will pull out and disable 4-wheel drive capabilities.Don’t let this happen to you, our racer driveline collar can be used with the stock carrier bearing but is HIGHLY recommended with our upgraded GEN2 carrier bearing.

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