Rustic Milling and Crafts Rustic Live Edge Locust Organizer

Rustic Live Edge Locust Organizer | Hand Crafted Home Organizer

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This live edge wood organizer is made from locally sourced locust. The locust log that was used to create this piece came from Anselmo, Nebraska and was cut in a sawmill in Cozad, Nebraska. Once it was cut, the wood was air dried. It was finished with tung oil. The frame is reclaimed and embellished with reclaimed denim. Leather accents are attached with decorative nails and jute rope is used to hold beads and small clothes pins. A strong leather strap is screwed on the back to hold this hand crafted piece to the wall.

This handy, attractive organizer will hold your favorite photos, notes, grocery list, etc. while adding a rustic, modern flair to your home.

Rose and Raymond are a husband and wife team that work hard to wrangle wood and come up with creative ideas to create beautifully made products. They take pride in being unique and doing quality work following where their inspiration leads them. They find inspiration in so many places - shape, size, color or character of the wood they use, and so much more.