Reclaimed Wooden Chunky "HORNBOOK" Finishing Boards-  For Displaying Stitching And  Crafting

Reclaimed Wooden Chunky "HORNBOOK" Finishing Boards- For Displaying Stitching And Crafting

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New to Kaniki's are our primtabulous "Chunky Hornbook Finishing Board"...

I just love love these.. They are made of reclaimed wood- that we've gathered through the years and they measure approx, 10 1/2" tall by 7" wide with the top handle. A hole has been drilled through the handle for ease of hanging... Attach anything you wish!!! They have endless finishing possibilities....

Please note- All kinds of different woods are used- so no two will actually be exactly the same.. Each size has slightly rounded corners-

There are quite a few color choices, and Everything is painted with a black or dark brown underbase, then brushed over with color of choice, with a rubbed wax finish.... If you'd like to have something in particular- color wise- not listed- just give me a hollar....

Shipping is calculated by size of box and weight per destination. If you'd like more than one - please message me first- so I can perhaps find a bigger shipping box- and re-adjust shipping- so you don't get overcharged.

If you've any questions- please do ask... It's costly enough to ship today- as it is, and using a set price in the shoppe- isn't always the easiest task to figure out... Do ask if there's a problem with it not calculating proper- or if the shipping just doesn't seem right.. I always want to ensure you get the best shipping rates and quality that I can.

I hope you love our new product- and you better bet we'll be back soon with more great reclaimed hand mades- for your stitching, punching or finishing and decorating purposes.. We've got plans!!!!

Thanks bunches!!!