New "Slat Frame Boards"  With Size and Color Options- For Displaying Stitching And Crafting

New "Slat Frame Boards" With Size and Color Options- For Displaying Stitching And Crafting

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New to Kaniki's are our primtabulous "Slat Frame Boards".. I am just in love with these.. They've been on my list for quite some time now... :)

My husband John is making these- out of rough cut lumber we have special cut just for these.. They are made with the backs tied with strips and stapled together- and then we're adding a 1/4" x 1/4" special cut square molding on the top of the slats.. All of the boards- will run horizontal- no matter the size you choose.. And- you can choose from walnut stained to any of the colors we have listed. To hang, we've added a metal wire hanger- on the back.. A simple- yet very effective way to hang the frames flat.

So many things I can think of to add to these- and you'll def. see more in the future.. For now we've added 5 sizes. More to come- for sure. In the photos- you'll see how I've temporarily attached my most recent punch pattern!!! I couldn't be more pleased....

Choose to use them as a permanent frame finish board- or come up with something crafty to attach your finished pieces- and then you can interchange projects through the seasons- or your mood.. :) Totally up to you!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: We are buying fresh cut lumber for these frames- and there most likely will be some slight wood shrinkage, as it is fresh cut. So, there could be slight gaps from the shrinkage. We don't want this to come as a surprise to you!!!

ALSO: The measurements are approx- on height- as some are approx. 1/4" under- maybe less, due to the sanding and size of our boards... And Inside the "Frame" pieces on top- is smaller than outside measurements. Meaning a 10" tall board- for example- will be a bit over 9 1/2" approx... Again- slight variations will occur- and NO TWO FRAMES are exactly alike....

Shipping is calculated by size of box and weight per destination. If you'd like more than one - please message me first- so I can perhaps find a bigger shipping box- and re-adjust shipping- so you don't get overcharged.

If you've any questions- please do ask... It's costly enough to ship today- as it is, and using a set price in the shoppe- isn't always the easiest task to figure out... Do ask if there's a problem with it not calculating proper- or if the shipping just doesn't seem right.. I always want to ensure you get the best shipping rates and quality that I can.

I hope you love our new product- and you better bet we'll be back soon with more great reclaimed hand mades- for your stitching, punching or finishing and decorating purposes.. We've got plans!!!!

Thanks bunches!!!