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Pumpkin Carving Kit

Pumpkin Carving Kit

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Details: The Spookiest Time of the Year

The leaves are changing color, the temperature is falling and your blood is turning orange. This must mean that Halloween is right around the corner! Is there a bigger Halloween tradition than carving pumpkins with your family and friends?

A Timeless Tradition Deserves a Timeless Product

Carving pumpkins with your family and friends is a tradition that will leave everyone with lifelong memories of those moments. Those moments shouldn't be spoiled by faulty pumpkin carving tools. You deserve the best and we believe we have the best product for you. Our stainless steel tools, with crafted wooden handles are guaranteed to be as lasting as the memories you create.

What's in the Box:

1.Heavy duty double edge power saw: Use this tool to make the big juicy cuts on your pumpkin.
2.Super-Duper Scooper: Use this scoop and scrape all the gunk from inside the pumpkin.
3.Precision Saw: After you have done the heavy cutting use the precision saw to make the small cuts and clean up the large cuts you have made.
4.Clean and Polish Carver: After you finish doing all the heavy carving use this tool to clean up the edges and make your detailed lines, curves, eyes, and scary faces!
5.Wooden Storage Board: Use the wooden board for two things. First turn it over and have a base to carve your pumpkin on. Second store your carving kits in the board for future use!
6.Pumpkin Carving Stencils: When you need some help and inspiration download some of our templets to design the best-looking pumpkin.

Our Promise to You

Some of this may sound way too good to be true, which is why we offer our 110% guarantee that our product will help you to carve the most amazing pumpkin. Otherwise, you can call Dracula on us;) or receive your refund and keep the kit!

Your pumpkin is staring at you... just waiting to be cut into! ADD TO CART now to start making amazing memories!


  • PRECISION CRAFTED FOR LIFELONG USE: You shouldn't have to buy a new carving set, or even worse, have the set break on your first use! That's why our kits are made with riveted stainless steel and crafted wood for lifelong durability. And to top it off, you receive a wooden board that doubles to either store your kit and provide a base for you to carve your pumpkin on!
  • BUILT FOR THE EXPERT CARVER: Do you consider yourself to be an expert pumpkin carver? Does every Halloween mean family competitions to see who can craft the best jack-o-lantern? If that's the case our pumpkin carving kit, which includes a heavy duty double edge power saw, a super-duper scooper, a precision saw and lastly "the clean and polish" tool, is just what you need to be crowned the master carver in your family!
  • CREATE MEMORIES NOT ACCIDENTS: Safety is our biggest concern when it comes to carving your pumpkins. This is why we have made sure our pumpkin carving kits are optimized to do the best job and not break while being used. Using inferior products or kitchen knives is an accident waiting to happen. We also recommend that children under the age of 10 be under constant adult supervision while carving their pumpkins!
  • CARVE BEAUTIFUL PUMPKINS WITH OUR FREE 15 STENCILS BONUS: No more staring into your pumpkin with no idea of what you want to create. Use our stencils as a base to create the funniest, scariest and most unique pumpkin on your block! The pumpkins you carve will lead your neighbors to think you have attended college at Pumpkin University! *The E-Book will be available for download when you receive your package!
  • 110% LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Our pumpkin carving genies believe we have created the best pumpkin carving kit on the market, and we are willing to stand by our word. If we do not exceed your standards, we are offering a 110% money back guarantee, plus you can keep your carving kit.

Brand: Creative Carving

Publisher: Creative Carving

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 8.0 x 1.5 inches

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