Lucky Craft LC 1.5SSR Super Shallow Waking Squarebill Crankbait

Lucky Craft LC 1.5SSR Super Shallow Waking Squarebill Crankbait

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  • The Lucky Craft LC 1.5SSR features a silent squarebill presentation perfect for targeting fish in heavily pressured environments.
  • Constructed using high-float plastic to create subsurface waking action.
  • Ideal for fishing around shallow structure and cover.
  • Measures 2 2/5 inches, weighs 1/2 ounce, and comes pre-equipped with VMC #4 trebles.
  • Available in 5 fish-catching colors.

Targeting fish in a highly-pressured environment is never easy, but with Lucky Craft LC 1.5SSR its certainly more manageable than before. The 1.5SSR is a new silent version of Lucky Craft's popular LC 1.5 series of 1/2 ounce squarebill crankbaits. Perfect for targeting fish suspended high in the water column, it's constructed using high-float plastic that delivers a muted presentation that relies on its subsurface waking action to attract fish.

Ideal for fishing around shallow water targets where bass are waiting to ambush prey, the LC 1.5SSR's work extremely well over the top of grass beds, flooded brush, and around docks. Finished in a variety Lucky Craft's custom airbrushed paint jobs, these squarebill crankbaits deliver shallow water performance that will put you in the winner's circle at your next tournament.

Come pre-equipped with VMC #4 treble hooks. Available in 5 colors.