Leather Craft Start Book (a Studio Tac Creative Book)

Leather Craft Start Book (a Studio Tac Creative Book)

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Geared mostly towards the beginning crafter, this book contains techniques and patterns that will also keep intermediate and advanced crafters entertained.  Loads of detailed illustrations and instructions for a wide variety of gifts and everyday leather goods.

Just like all of the Studio Tac books we offer, it is still in its original Japanese format and we've found that Google Translate phone app is helpful for filling in the blanks when pointed at the text in the book.

  • Items that can be made without sewing

    • Tassel
    • Bracelet
    • Charm
    • Braided wallet rope
    • Desk tray
    • Dinosaur mobile (Pteronodon / Triceratops)
    • Sheep skull necklace

    ● Items to make with basic sewing method

      • Key case
      • Pen case
      • Business card holder
      • Pencil case
      • ID / Pass case
      • Tote bag

      ● Items of complex structure

        • Middle Wallet
        • Babushu (shoe/slipper)
        • Flipped (hidden stitch) wallet

      176 Pages
      Publish Date:  3/5/2012