Tots Large Climb Up Loft by Jonti-Craft

Tots Large Climb Up Loft by Jonti-Craft

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Encourage independent, social play with this well made wood loft from Jonti-Craft! Designed for two and three year olds to safely climb and play on. Clear acrylic panels allow caregivers to have a full view of the loft area. Design a dramatic play, kitchen or reading area under the deck. Five neutral carpeted steps. Ready to assemble. Lifetime Warranty. See Specs for dimensions.


Overall Dimensions: 60" x 100"D x 71.5"H
Steps: 25" W x10"D x 7" H.
Railing: 29"H
Deck: 58"W x 46.5"L x 42"H
Head Clearance: 41"
Overall Fottprint: 102" long x 60" Wide

Birch Construction