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Soft Coated Homecraft Caring Cutlery

Soft Coated Homecraft Caring Cutlery

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  • Coated in soft food grade PVC 
  • Ideal for users with reflex problems
  • Great for those with metal fillings
  • Hygienically sealed
  • Length of Handles: 127mm (5")
  • Handle Diameter 15-16mm
  • Dishwasher safe

These soft-coated spoons have been dipped in soft, food quality PVC, making them softer for the user without the risk of the damage that can be caused by metal. They may be beneficial for users with bite reflex problems or a sensitive mouth. Plastic reduces the likelihood of this occurring.  The spoons are hygienically sealed into the contoured Caring cutlery handles, which makes them easier to grip for individuals who have problems relating to their hands. They are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

Due to the type of use to which these items are subjected, they are only guaranteed for three months.

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