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Homecraft Bed Fleeces

Homecraft Bed Fleeces

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This wool pile fleece offers both warmth and comfort to the user who is seated or lying for long periods of time. This wool acts as an insulator but allows for perspiration to escape, ensuring that the user does not experience any discomfort. Depending on the size ordered, it can be used on beds or chairs to make them more cushioned and warm for the user. The versatile wool pile fleeces can be brought with you to put on any chair or bed that you encounter. The fleeces are also machine washable and are safe to tumble dry. Available in two different sizes with the single bed size being available with or without fixing straps. These fixing straps add an extra level of security for the user.

  • A comfortable fleece to put on chairs or beds
  • It acts a nice warm cushion, making the surface softer
  • The neutral wool colour will match almost any décor
  • They are safe to machine wash or tumble dry
  • Available with straps, and to be used on chairs or single beds


  • Hip pad: 690 x 760mm (27 x 30 inches) - Weight: 706g
  • Single Bed Size: 690 x 1520mm (27 x 60 inches) - Weight: 1kg
  • Single Bed with Straps Size: 920 x 1520mm (36 x 60 inches) - Weight: 1.65kg