Happy Family Baby Stage 2 Clearly Crafted Pouches
Happy Family Baby Stage 2 Clearly Crafted Pouches

Happy Family Baby Stage 2 Clearly Crafted Pouches

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Apples, Kale and Avocado

Grab this green puree full of farm-grown goodness. Made with U.S.-grown organic kale, a leafy green superfood, organic avocado for a creamy texture, and organic apples for a dash of sweetness.

Apples, Guavas and Beets

A tropical twist on a delicious treat. Sourced from the Haveri region of Western India, our organic guavas ripen in their native climate before joining earthy beets and apples in this sweet, tangy recipe.

Apples, Pumpkin and Carrots

We proudly source our flavorful organic pumpkins from two family farms and blend them with carrots and sweet apples for a delicious, balanced recipe (with a full day's worth of Vitamin A and 2g of fiber!).

Pears, Squash and Blackberries

Sweet and delicious, this puree is a satisfying, silky blend of wholesome ingredients like juicy blackberries from British Columbia-based Pacific Coast Fruit, organic pears, and butternut squash.

Apples, Blueberries and Oats

Delicious, juicy, U.S.-grown organic blueberries meet organic apples and whole grain oats. Think of it as baby’s first oatmeal: a thick, velvety blend with a berry-rich flavor plus Vitamin C and 2g of fiber.

Pears, Kale and Spinach

Organic superfoods for your super baby. We combine family farm-grown kale with savory spinach, then delicately balance both with naturally sweet organic pears for a deliciously simple, veggie-forward recipe.

Bananas, Sweet Potatoes and Papayas

Our organic papayas ripen in the villages around Yeola in Western India. We blend their lush, one-of-a-kind flavor with ripe bananas and hearty sweet potatoes in this thick, smooth, and scrumptious recipe.

Bananas, Raspberries and Oats

Made with gluten-free oats, organic bananas, and sweet, tangy North American raspberries, this hearty mix features the nutritional goodness of Vitamin C and potassium.

This recipe celebrates the delicious, distinct flavor of organic, U.S. family farm-grown zucchini. We highlight its outstanding taste and texture with two of baby's favorites: sweet green peas and pears.

Pears, Pumpkin and Passion Fruit

The bright flavor of organic passion fruit puts a delicious spin on baby’s classic pear puree. We added organic pumpkin for a bite of veggies and an earthy, velvety texture that baby will love!

Green Beans, Spinach and Pears

We love our greens! This recipe serves up a full serving of organic veggies plus 3g of fiber thanks to a just-right blend of leafy spinach, savory green beans, and the delicate sweetness of juicy pears.

Crafted for curious Stage 2 taste buds, this recipe's nourishing carrots, sweet, sun-ripened strawberries, and wholesome chickpeas create a winning combo of flavor and fiber.