Wardrobe Handbag Organizer

Vendor: MaviGadget
Price: 17.95 - 19.95 (8 variants)
  You can easily find a clothes hanger rack that organizes your wardrobe. But handbag storage is a different matter. You can't just put your handbag on a shelf and expect it to stay in shape. The Handbag Organizer ensures your bag will be well presented and protected for the next time you need it. This portable leather handbag organizer comes complete with a number of pockets and straps, so you can wrap it around the area where your bag sits.

1.Easy use and clean, you could just wipe it, then it will look like a new one.

2.Lightweight, portable and fashionable, a wonderful gift for you and your female friends.

3.Useful for almost any room in the house - use for clothes, craft supplies, toys, or other items.

4.Multi-purpose organizer for shoes, purses crafts, toys, clothing, and accessories.

5.The durable material allows items to breathe keeping them fresh.

6.Easy to use. The hanging sorting bags are durable, they are not only suited for yourself but also a great gift for your family and your friends.


Material:Non-woven Color: Black,Grey,white,beige

Size: 90 x 35 x 35 CM

Package include: 1*Hanging Sorting Bag