If your dad has everything, try something handmade

Here are DIY Father’s Day gifts he’ll love to receive, and you’ll love to make!

If your dad has everything, try something unique and handmade. Here are 40 DIY Father’s Day gifts he’ll love to receive, and you’ll love to make!

My dad’s kind of a strange dude – and I say that in the nicest way possible. You never know what he is going to like if you buy him a present, so the best bet is to make him something.

In fact, he’s become a bracelet wearer in the last few years . . . and his main purchases of said bracelets come from Etsy! So yep, even my old ex-hippie dad is on Etsy these days and appreciates a good handmade item.

Having said that, if you have a problem figuring out what to get Pops, I highly recommend investigating some DIY Father’s Day gifts. You can personalize and make it perfect for your own father.

If you need some unique ideas, I’ve pulled together a collection. Just scroll down to see them. Which one is your favorite?
DIY Father’s Day Gifts
Shopping for your father can be hard, especially if he already has all of the usual gift ideas. Why not get creative and make one of these 40 unique Father's Day gift ideas for him this year?
1 Auto Inspired Painted Mugs
These sports car inspired painted mugs make great gifts for guys! They are very easy to paint and very inexpensive to make – you just need a few supplies.
Get the Tutorial 2 DIY Beer Caddy
This wooden DIY beer caddy is easy to make! Grab the plans here; it's a perfect gift idea.
Get the Tutorial 3 DIY Father’s Day Gift Bag Photo Credit: iheartcraftythings.com
Dress up your gift in this surprisingly easy to make dress shirt and tie themed gift bag!
Get the Tutorial 4 Golf Cupcakes Photo Credit: thesimpleparent.com
White chocolate truffles make perfect golf balls atop these cupcakes. Your golf loving dad will really enjoy eating them!
Get the Tutorial 5 Easy DIY Wall Decor with a Baseball Theme Photo Credit: David Cheaney
This DIY wall decor idea is perfect for the dad who loves baseball! Adapt this idea for your own dad, using any ticket of your choice.
Get the Tutorial 6 Gone Fishing Sign
Learn how to make this wooden fishing sign - perfect for Father's Day! This is such an easy home decor project.
Get the Tutorial 7 Comic Book Pen Cup Photo Credit: Ashlee Park
Do you know someone that loves superheroes? This DIY pen cup covered in comic books makes the perfect gift! Dad will love it . . . also great for Father’s Day.
Get the Tutorial 8 Father's Day Tie Tack
Learn how to make a DIY tie tack from a screw – it’s easy! Great for any guy that wants to make a statement. This is the perfect gift for Father’s Day.
Get the Tutorial 9 Rustic Fishing Photo Frame Photo Credit: Walter Silva
Need a great gift for Dad? Create a DIY fish photo frame using a theme he’ll love – Walter made this one with rustic fishing graphics!
Get the Tutorial 10 DIY Comic Book Coasters Photo Credit: David Cheaney
If you are looking for unique crafts for the nerds in your life, these DIY comic book coasters are perfect. Use materials right from the hardware store!
Get the Tutorial 11 Lego Cufflinks Photo Credit: www.instructables.com
Every nerdy dad needs a pair of these easy cufflinks. You can make them with a variety of sizes and colors.
Get the Tutorial 12 DIY Spice Rubs Photo Credit: www.makingmanzanita.com
Does your dad love to spend summers manning the barbeque grill? Then he'll love these spice rubs. This super easy DIY gift involves 4 spice rub recipes and super cute containers!
Get the Tutorial 13 Beer Soap Recipe Photo Credit: soapdelinews.com
You may not think about giving your dad soap as a gift; however, this beer soap is something he can appreciate and use every day!
Get the Tutorial 14 DIY Rope Bracelets Photo Credit: helloglow.co
Fashioned after a J. Crew bracelet for men, this super easy DIY gift can be made with items found in your local hardware store.
Get the Tutorial 15 DIY Stenciled Grilling Apron Photo Credit: lovelyindeed.com
Another great Father's Day gift for the grill loving dad! This apron is so easy to make with a free downloaded stencil.
Get the Tutorial 16 Adventure Clock Photo Credit: plaidonline.com
A great DIY gift idea for the dad who likes to travel. Feature a cherished image of you and your pops surrounded by a map of one of his favorite vacation spots.
Get the Tutorial 17 DIY Father’s Day Cards Photo Credit: thegoldjellybean.com
Everyone thinks of ties as a gift for their father. How about these bow tie cards? Can you believe they were made with bow tie pasta? So cute.
Get the Tutorial 18 DIY : Handprint Keychain Photo Credit: greyhouseharbor.com
With the magic of clear Shrinky Dinks, this keychain is super easy to make. You could even change it out each year!
Get the Tutorial 19 BBQ Organizer Photo Credit: hip2save.com
Pull out your Cricut or make your own stencils for this barbeque tool organizer that has 3 hooks and a handy bottle opener!
Get the Tutorial 20 DIY Father's Day Frame Photo Credit: ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com
Does your dad love watching the races? Then he'll love this race car frame that uses dollar store toy cars.
Get the Tutorial 21 Superhero Shadowbox Photo Credit: www.downredbuddrive.com
Raid your toybox to make this fun shadowbox! It is really easy to make with the free printable on this blog.
Get the Tutorial 22 Building Memories with Dad Photo Credit: www.theseasonedmom.com
This is a really cute alternative to the usual bucket list of activities. Spend quality time with dad by writing an idea on each LEGO and giving him the jar as a Father's Day gift.
Get the Tutorial 23 DIY Tie Cards to Make with Kids Photo Credit: www.honeyandlime.co
Another tie-themed card you can make for Father's Day. Just 3 supplies needed: construction paper, glue stick and scissors!
Get the Tutorial 24 DIY "Nuts About Dad" Gift Jar Photo Credit: cincyshopper.com
This is a great last minute Father's Day gift idea. Use the free printable available on this blog and fill a jar with your dad's favorite nuts!
Get the Tutorial 25 Custom Kid's Artwork Mug Photo Credit: persialou.com
Have your kids do some creative drawing or write a fun message for dad to see every day on these coffee mugs. This is a Father's Day gift he can enjoy year round.
Get the Tutorial 26 Painted Hammer Photo Credit: craftsbyamanda.com
Looking for a creative idea for a gift? Paint and monogram a hammer for your dad this Father's Day.
Get the Tutorial 27 "We're Nuts About You" Photo Frame Photo Credit: www.happinessishomemade.net
Head to the craft store and then over to the hardware store to get the supplies needed for this 15 minute project. Any pun-loving dad will enjoy getting this as a gift for Father's Day.
Get the Tutorial 28 Hero Handprint Sign Photo Credit: www.shanty-2-chic.com
This is a great sign idea for dad to hang in his office! It is really easy to make with the free printables available on this blog.
Get the Tutorial 29 DIY Keychain Gift Photo Credit: www.hellobee.com
Kids can help make these cute keychains as a gift for dad. Using wooden alphabet beads allows them to say what they want and creates a handsome gift dad will actually want to use!
Get the Tutorial 30 DIY Grenade Soap on a Rope Photo Credit: beautycrafter.com
Whether your dad is in the military or just likes playing war with the kids, he'll get a kick out of this fun soap shaped like a grenade.
Get the Tutorial 31 Leather Mason Jar Mug Coozie Photo Credit: www.doodlecraftblog.com
Make a mason jar look manly enough for dad! Surround it with leather and it becomes a great looking mug that keeps his hands from getting too cold (or hot) while holding his mason jar beverage.
Get the Tutorial 32 Daddy & Me Fingerprint Coffee Cup Photo Credit: craftsbyamanda.com
Your child will have fun using their thumb and fingerprint to make this Daddy & Me mug for Father's Day. Isn't it just adorable?
Get the Tutorial 33 Vinyl Record Coasters Photo Credit: jenniferperkins.com
Does your dad love listening to his record collection? Then he'll really like getting these coasters made from actual vinyl records!
Get the Tutorial 34 DIY Father's Day Gift Basket Photo Credit: jennloyd.com
Do you have a bunch of small gift ideas for dad? Collect them all in this crate as a fun gift basket for Father's Day.
Get the Tutorial 35 Faux Leather Frame Photo Credit: modpodgerocksblog.com
This is such a great gift for a guy – make a faux leather frame using paper bags and Mod Podge. It’s such a sophisticated look for less!
Get the Tutorial 36 Mustache & Bowtie Mug Cuff Photo Credit: savingdollarsandsense.com
Do you like to crochet? You could make this super cute coffee mug cuff (or coozie) as a gift for your dad this Father's Day.
Get the Tutorial 37 Dad Rocks Paperweight Photo Credit: craftsbyamanda.com
Send the kids outside to gather supplies for this gift idea! Dad will love seeing this paperweight on his desk at work every day and the kids will have fun making it.
Get the Tutorial 38 Dad's Six Pack Photo Credit: www.5minutesformom.com
Kids will love making this gift idea for dad. They can drink root beer and nibble on some candy while they work on this six pack gift. Each bottle can be filled with dad's favorite small candies.
Get the Tutorial 39 DIY Father's Day Banner & Card Photo Credit: modernparentsmessykids.com
This fun Father's Day card doubles as a banner decoration for the day's celebration!
Get the Tutorial 40 "Dad's Stache" Candy Jar Photo Credit: alicewingerden.com
Gift dad some candy that is only for him! Download the free printable on this blog and make a super easy gift jar for Father's Day.
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Which of these DIY Father’s Day gifts would you love to try? Let me know in the comments!

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