If you’ve got more than one Barbie doll, you know that Barbie storage ideas that really work are a necessity

I am convinced that all those dolls, accessories and clothing magically multiply and make a mess of themselves at night.

But I’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list of clever storage ideas and simple tips. They include budget and DIY options in addition to suggested products and space saving tips.

I still vividly remember my own childhood Barbie dolls and accessories. I had one plastic case with a handle designed so you could carry it with you. Inside there was one drawer and a bar to hang clothes on one side and on the other was space for one Barbie doll. I loved organizing and reorganizing that case over and over again. Barbie organization was a big part of the fun of playing with Barbies.

Now there are many more products and creative ways to organize and store Barbies. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find one or a bunch that will work for you.
What is the best way to store Barbies?
Your choice of the perfect storage solution for Barbie dolls depends on several factors:
Is the storage for you, young children or older ones that can be expected to clean up on their own? Do you want children to have easy access to the Barbies on their own or put away where they have to ask for permission? Is your priority ease of clean up or a well-organized storage system? How many dolls and accessories are there to be organized? Are the dolls and accessories to be played with or to be protected as keepsakes? How much space do you have for storage? Will they be stored in your kid’s room or in play areas? What is your budget? Are you handy and do you want to create your own DIY storage hacks?
Once you answer the questions above for your particular situation, then you’re ready to move on to finding the best Barbie storage solutions for your situation. Many of these storage ideas are flexible and work well as doll storage ideas and general toy storage ideas, too.
Barbie Storage Ideas
There are storage and organizing options for every need and budget. The difficult part won’t be finding a great way to store Barbies, it’ll be not going crazy and buying all the fun and creative storage options.

There are storage totes specifically designed so that children can take their dolls and accessories with them. This is a great idea for children who move frequently or spend weekends away with parents or grandparents.

There are fun Barbie storage options designed to look like a closet or piece of doll furniture.
Space Saving Storage
If you have limited space, there are still many storage solutions to keep Barbie dolls and accessories organized.
Use under-the-bed storage bins that can be pulled out when it’s time to play and stored back away under the bed afterwards. Bins with wheels like the one with blue handles below are particularly helpful with younger children because it’s easier for them to pull out and put away the tub. Under-the-bed shoe storage bins with individual compartments work well. When you have a small space, you’re limited on the amount of floor area you have, but you have wall space that you can take advantage of. Use vertical storage space on a wall either with shelving, toy hammocks, stacking cubbies like the ones below or a series of individual wall shelves. Using wall space is a great place for any storage. Because many children have small rooms and lots of toys, it’s particularly great toy storage space.
You can take advantage of space behind a door or even on the back of the bedroom door for keeping Barbie dolls. Shoe organizers are an inexpensive and great way to store action figures, stuffed animals and Barbies.
Use storage containers with lids that can be stacked in a closet or corner of the room. Be careful to keep the boxes small enough that children can lift them down for play and stack them back after clean up. You don’t want anyone to get hurt because the boxes to are too heavy or large. You can keep dolls and accessories in bins on a bookshelf or cube wall unit. Of course, toy boxes are always a great place for Barbie toy storage. Furniture designed for small spaces can often be used for toy storage.
A storage unit like the one used for craft organization is often the best way to create flexible toy storage.

You can also use storage options that you already have. For example, keep dolls, clothing and accessories in one drawer of a dresser. Use an ottoman with storage space or a box stored behind an arm chair to keep dolls when space is limited.

Wood crates are a great place for Barbie storage. You can often find free wooden wine crates at your local grocery store.

Head to the dollar store and be amazed at the inexpensive ways you’ll find to store toys. Including:
Shoe organizers Plastic storage containers Metal flower bins Plastic baskets Plastic flower pots Canvas bins
You can choose to pack half of the Barbie dolls and accessories away in a storage area and leave half out for play. You can rotate the two sets of dolls every couple of weeks. This keeps only half of the number of items out that needs be organized. It also keeps the toys new and fresh.
DIY Barbie Storage
You can make your own DIY Hanging Toy Storage version of a pocket shoe organizer with this easy-to-follow tutorial and free pattern.

This DIY Hanging Organizer with Pockets would be another great storage solution to hang on wall space or the back of a door.

This tutorial for a Doll Clothes Closet would also work well for Barbie clothes storage.

And this brilliant and simple tutorial for making doll clothes hangers could easily be adapted for smaller doll clothes.
How to Store Barbie Shoes
There are three ways to approach storing Barbie shoes and small accessories.
Keep them all together will the dolls, clothes and accessories in one container. This is the equivalent of mixing all the LEGOs together and storing them in one box. Keep all the shoes in one tub or bin designated just for shoes and don’t worry about sorting them. Keep them in a bin with small compartments so that the Barbie shoes can be sorted and kept organized individually. < How to Store Barbie Clothes
It’s best to store Barbie doll clothes either hanging or laid neatly in a box or bin. It’s best not to crumple the clothing, but to smooth it out before packing it away.

Realistically, children will not carefully pack away doll clothing. A bin with an open top or a box with a lid that’s easy to remove are the best options for children to put away doll clothes for storage.
< How to Store Collectible Barbies
Keeping collectible Barbie dolls in a climate controlled space is critical to preserving them in the best condition. Keep the dolls away from humidity or extremes in temperature.

You also need to protect dolls from prolonged exposure to sunlight and even artificial light. Light can fade and discolor the doll and clothing.

It’s best to keep Barbie dolls in breathable containers rather than plastic. Use acid-free archival tissue paper or unbleached muslin to wrap dolls. You can wrap both the doll inside the box, and then wrap the box to keep dust out.

Be sure to store the box vertically so that the Barbie is standing and not laying down. Refrain from stacking boxes to prevent dolls from being crushed under the pile.

And, of course, be sure to protect your collectible Barbies from pest infestation.
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Be sure to pin these Barbie storage ideas for later when you need new ideas to try.

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