Decoupage Organizer with Multiple Compartments

If you do any kind of crafts, or have lots of smaller things you need to keep separated, you need organizers.  There are all kinds of organizers that you can buy, but if you are like me, you find they are never the right size or shape or have the right number of compartments.  It is so much better to make your own and it's easy to do.  Let me show you how! The first thing you need to do is to come up with the size and shape of organizer that you want to make.  I needed an organizer for my craft paint brushes, and I needed four compartments, so that was the basis for my organizer.

The next step is to find the boxes to make your organizer.  Most of the time I can find what I need in the kitchen.  If there are no empty boxes, then I usually just "lift' a  Just empty the box into another bag, and place it back in the cupboard.  Voila, you have a box.  I find mac and cheese boxes are great, as well as cereal boxes.  For this project I used mostly drink mix boxes.  

​IMPORTANT NOTE:​  If the identity of what you removed from the box is not readily apparent, don't forget to LABEL it.  You don't want to end up rolling your fried chicken in powdered sugar instead of flour. After you have a plan and obtain your boxes, it is time to put them together.  I used masking tape because it is easy to remove an adjust, without tearing up your box, if you make a mistake putting it together. When the construction is done, it is time to start covering it with your newsprint, or whatever pretty paper pieces you have decided to use.  You can use just about any kind of paper as long as it is not too stiff.  If you don't have any storebought sealant, you can make your own. If you are not familiar with how to decoupage or make sealant, you can find our how in our post:  How to Decoupage and Make Your Own Sealant

​I would suggest using smaller pieces of paper instead of trying to cover the boxes in one big piece.  Smaller pieces are easier to deal with and keep out air bubbles and wrinkles.
​ After you get done covering the whole thing, it looks something like this: I thought it looked kinda plain, so I decided to dress it up a bit with some twine.  I only had white twine, so I put some black paint in water and put the twine in to soak for an hour.  Pulled it out and set it on a paper towel to dry. After it dried, I tied it on this is what it looked like: I love the way it looks!  Here it is will all my brushes in it.  The perfect width and depth for the place I had to put it.
This organizer was easy and fun to make, if you would like other posts about making decoupage projects, I have a couple more here on my blog:

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I hope you spend some of your time while you are stuck at home making some organizers, now that you know how easy it is!

Have a great weekend!

Jade    :)
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