Choo choo! Here comes the train! Little ones love trains, and stamps! We’ve combined them both in this fun and easy craft with lots of educational benefits

You can practice color vocabulary and recognition with your littles one while dipping and stamping in the paints, and practice recognizing and making patterns. Once your train is finished, practicing counting by counting how many cars your train has. You can also cut your sponges into different sizes and practice vocabulary with big and small train cars, or long and short trains, and talk about the shapes of the sponges. You can even use letter stamps to stamp a letter on each train car to make a word, or spell your little one’s name! There are lots of learning opportunities built into this craft, and lots of fun too!
Here’s what you need to make this craft White paper Tape Paints – different colors Paper plates, or something to put the paints on to dip the sponges Sponges Scissors Black marker Steps
Attach your white pieces of paper together with tape on the back to make a long sheet of paper.

Carefully cut your sponges into the shapes you need for your train. We used a rectangle and circle.

Squeeze your paint onto a paper plate, and dip your rectangle shaped sponge into the paint, then stamp onto the piece of paper. Continue with the other sponges and colors. Get creative with your colors and patterns!

Squeeze black paint onto a paper plate and use a circle shapes sponge to stamp wheels onto your train car. Each train car should get two wheels.

Use a smaller rectangular shaped sponge to stamp a chimney onto the locomotive of your train.

Use a grey paint and a circular sponge to stamp smoke coming out of the chimney. This will make the train look like it’s moving!

Use the black marker to draw a line connecting the train cars along the bottom.

Choo choo! Climb aboard the rainbow train!

Join Caitie in the classroom to learn more about trains, and see her field trip to the Toronto Railway Museum.

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